Electric City Is a song by the Golden Slumbers, as a video Daniel and Tyler recorded for Kashy when he first met them, in order to welcome him to A.B.I. (Angry Bird Island). The song itself does not make a lot of sense if you don't watch the video, but here it is... Electric + City = Electricity!

Lyrics/Video/Whatever ya wanna call it

(Video Starts, Tyler sits in his room)

(Music Starts)

Tyler: Sitting in my bed with a plate of grilled bacon, I'll call my Friend Dan just to see what's been shaking!

(Daniel gets a call on his backyard and answers)

Daniel: Hey Ty, our town is big and pretty, so check out how we live in the Electric City!

(Daniel and Tyler walk out of The Police Department)

Daniel: Angry Bird Island!

Tyler: What?

Daniel: The Electric City!

Tyler: What!?

Daniel: The Electric City!

(Tyler stands next to an electricity post)

Tyler: Angry Bird Island, the Electric City. They call it like that 'cause of the Electricity!

(Daniel stands in the middle of a highway)

Daniel: The city's laid out from east to west, Our public parks and libraries are truly the best!

(Both stand in Tyler's room)

Tyler: Call the pest control if you're bit by a Spider!

Daniel: But check if it's covered by your health provider!

(Both stand next to The Fat Pig Restaurant)

Daniel: Are you hungry!? Well quit your whining!

Tyler: The new Fat Pig has 5-star dining!

(Tyler stands next to a Museum)

Tyler: You like Old mines and you wanna see them? Well check it out, now, The Angry Bird Museum!

(Daniel stands next to a big Mountain)

Daniel: The best thing to do, wich is several and counting: Please come with me to Sunnyside Mountain!

(Tyler stands next to the Dunder Mifflin Office Parking Spot)

Tyler: Plenty of space in the parking spot, But the little cars go in the compact spot!

(Daniel stands next to The Fat Pig Again)

Daniel: Snack Attack Time, don't loose your head! We like The Fat Pig 'Cause of it's Tasty Bread!

(Both stand near the Cinema)

Both: Angry Bird Island. The Electric City, Angry Bird Island.. The Electric City... Call it like that 'cause of the Electric City... Angry Bird Island...

(Music and Image Disolves)

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