Ow eggboy

Ow! Eggboy!

Daniel came home with Eggboy. he waited for Muna to come home, and sat on his son's egg. he closed his eyes... he heard something.. like a cracking. He opened his eyes and jumped up from his chair. EGGBOY WAS HATCHING! Daniel stared as out popped... another Cute chick. he remimded Daniel of himself when he first hatched. Muna came in, and Eggboy jumped. He Accidently whacked Daniel, givng Daniel a Black eye. "Eggboy, Ow!" Daniel said. Muna looked at Eggboy, she saw he had his first Tail Feather. Ow, i think he took out a Tail Feather!" Daniel said. Muna looked, and indeed, Daniel was missing a tail feather! "yep, he stole it" she said. Phil passed by. Eggboy just stood there staring like a pig would. Daniel stared at Eggboy. Ryan came in to see his new nephew, and Eggboy mimiced Ryan's Muna and Daniel knew what he could do, but how would they use it? he's just a Chick!

how WILL they use it? find out in part 2!

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