Eggboy is one Of Muna and Daniel's Chicks, he used to be an Egg, but he hatched. Muna has a photo of Egg Eggboy and Daniel reunited after a huge battle. Now he is a small, cute, chick who always wears clipped diapers. He has taken a liking to Hamm, and often sneaks over to meet him. In Angry Birds Toons, He doesn't wear diapers that often.


  • In the LEGO series, Eggboy is called Eddy, and is not a baby, but instead aged 6, and a regular-looking Red-Jacket. Due to Rovio having bought off part of the rights to the Stories theme, it is unknown why he is called Eggboy, but probably to make him more Bird-like.
General Info
Powers Copying Other Birds' Abilities
First Level Appearance: None yet
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Gender: Male
Species: Round Yellow Breasted Canary
Strength: unknown
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