Daniel Edmond Redmond is Daniel's descendant, Master Ryan's adopted son. He looks alittle like Daniel, except with Freckles. He is possibly older Perry Sol's son, due to having the same shy fashion. He could be older Eggboy's son, due to having the same speed ability, and also the same ability to mimic other bird's abilities. People call him Edmond instead of Daniel.

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Daniel Edmond Johnson
  • Nicknames: Edmond (Flock) Pal (Ryan) Eddie (Autumn)
  • Affiliations: Flock, Ryan, good pigs
  • Birthday: June 8, 2204


Daniel Edmond Redmond is shy but also brave, and doesn't talk very much except to Ryan.


  • Due to being shy, Edmond doesn't spend much time with the gang.
  • Edmond stays with Ryan, and when approached by another bird, tries to hide
  • Nobody knows who Edmond's true father is, but Edmond doesn't care.
  • It is confirmed that Edmond will appear sometime during season 3.
  • Edmond refers to Ryan as "Dad"
  • Edmond refers to Autumn as "mom"
  • He appears in episode 7 of season 2 as a Main Character, making him the 3rd character to have an episode all about him, and the Main characters as secondary characters, the second being Hermione, and 1st being Cinticino (indian name)
  • He REappeared in episode 12 of season 3, where FireWorker traps Daniel in the future, and Daniel is forced to seek out his aid.
  • He appears again in episode 14, when he is forced by Fireworks Dave Jr. to stop Daniel from fighting Alvin again, due to the Injury in episode 13 weakening Daniel's abilities.


  • "... hi?" (greeting)
  • "SON OF A SLEUTHWING!" (Catchphrase)
  • "I knew you'd say that" (talking to someone)
  • "thanks, dad." (well known line)
Daniel Edmond Johnson
General Info
Powers Many
First Level Appearance: none
First Story Appearance: Angry Birds Exctinction (F.F.S.)
Gender: Male
Species: Northern Cardinal
Strength: unknown
Birth Date: June 8, 2204

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