Daniel got out of bed, and looked around the room. where was the usual Egg basket? Strawdina and Blacky always left suprises for Chicks. or more Specifically, White Bird Eggs. (White Birds are Chickens, so it's ok!) this time, NO WHITE BIRD EGGS! Daniel was absolutely puzzled. he went downstairs. he heard Oinking. the pigs were getting away, WITH DANIEL'S WHITE BIRD EGGS! and most importantly, Strawdina's new Clutch. Daniel Ran at them. he sounded the alarm. every Boomerang, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, And Goggle Chased after the Pigs. the Finally defeated them after 45 minutes. they enjoyed Easter by Coloring White Bird Eggs, and Andy painted Birds on Strawdina's Clutch. Strawdina Didn't Mind, she Made sure they marked what the Eggs would be after they Hatched.

The End!!!!! :P