Droca, a small hatchling, I, flew around. I enjoyed the fact that most of my family were good, and there was only one evil member, who was younger than me. While she had to stay with his mother, I flew off, exploring. I saw a lovely-looking town in the distance. I flew down to explore, but was pinned down by a Black Bird. "What are your intentions being here?" it asked. "I was exploring. Please let go!" I said. Since I was a hatchling, it was mostly chirping. The bird sighed. "Don't cause trouble, okay?" he said. "You're just a hatchling, after all." I did a sigh of relief before looking around. The birds fled away. I wondered why. Were they scared of the color black, which is why the guard was black? I wasn't sure that time, but they were interesting. In the middle was a castle. I banged my head at the door, wondering what was at the other side. A green bird opened. "King, there's a stray Sleuthwing. Want to keep him?" it shouted. I shivered, and wanted to run, but I didn't want to be rude. "Why did the guard let in such a dangerous creature?" a voice shouted out. "It's just a hatchling." the green bird said. "It doesn't matter. Who knows what it can do? Bring it in the dungeon!" the voice shouted. "Y-yes sir." the bird said. Two rings were thrown over my head and tail, and I couldn't move. Soon, Niar, the evil one, blasted through the town's gates and started attacking all the birds in the way, then bit deep into both the yellow birds handling me. Niar grabbed my tail and flew off. I tried struggling, but she was too strong. Everyone at the town was injured greatly. I would say it was a bad idea for life to make me a Sleuthwing living with a sister like Niar. The townspeople were scared when I came;I found some way to get into trouble and then Niar would seemingly save me, but she is really affecting the chances of me coming. Soon, when we both were adult, I visited the town again. They didn't want the disasters to happen again, so they shot arrows at me, tearing my wings, trying to kill me, but as I fell from the great height, Niar came in, burning everything in the town. Only that nice guard that I got to know so well survived. He is with me right now, but must now hate me for the destruction of his beloved town. I survived, but greatly injured, and although he must hate me, he is helping me get well soon. Most likely so I can fly away forever...

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