Chapter 4: Day Of Destruction

(BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM! an explosion sounded) "What was that?" Said Brian, "I don't know" answered evan."MMUAAHHHAAHA!" said a voice in the distance, "Drake" said evan, "but lets not mind about that right now" said evan

Chapter 5: Kidnapped

evan was sitting in his house watching a movie until..........."mmmmmm...mmm!' muffled evan! he was taken by someone....... later the family gathered in the living room seeing the movie still on and they turned off. "where's dad?" said tom, "i don't know but i hope he's ok" said barbara, (cuts to cave and shows evan in his corpse) "hello, old friend" said a voice. let me go drake" said evan,(cuts outside cave "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" yelled evan

Chapter 6: Rescue

"what was that?" everyone questioned, "i know that yell anywhere, it's your father!" yelled barbara, but we need help..... they went to the first house they saw. they asked everyone and wanted to save their friend , and later finally found him.

Chapter 7: Battle In The Village

"Give It up Drake!" said Ryan, "Why Should I?" Said Drake about to push evan down the entrance, "3,2," said Evan, "What?" said drake, "ONE!" said evan, liting up on fire "AHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled drake who fell out the entrance into the water and crawled out "That's Better" said drake, all the birds jumped out of the entrance and landed in the area drake was. "YOU will be stopped!" said evan who was fighting drake, "RRRRAAAHHH!" yelled Evan and hit drake with the fire and pushed him down to the ground and said "guys, he's all your's" said evan, and everyone started beating drake up, it was all over,

Chapter 8: It's All Over

They All Gathered Outside untill evan thought about having a party and did not tell his friends. THE END

for the party story come here

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