Chapter 1: One Fine Morning.....And Lots Of Questions!

Evan Woke up. "Wow that was a crazy dream" said evan. he looked outside it was thundershowers "oh great how can i work on a day like this" said evan, "hello, father " said dean, "hi dean" said evan, he took his umbrella and went outside "AHHHHHHH" screamed evan, barbara came running out of the house "what's wrong?' said barbara, "he's back" said evan, "who's back?" said barbara, "Drake, that's who" answered evan. "Who's Drake?" Said barbara, "An Old Friend" said evan, "well thats good" said barbara, "not quite after an accident he ended the freindship and turned into a menacing foe" said evan (DUN,DUN,DUN!)

Chapter 2: The Night

that night evan went to sleep and had a flashback.....(flashback starts) "well i goota say we shouldnt be here"said evan "don't worry" said drake and then evan tripped...and landed on a dynamite crate! (BOOOOOOOOOM it had exploded) "Nooo!" Yelled evan, ( evan whent through the rubble and found drake) "evan, i broke every bone in my body take me to the hospital" said an injured drake) "and one more thing...."said drake "what?" said evan, "this friendship is OVER I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!" yelled drake) then Evan woke up.

Chapter 3: Suprising News

"Father!,Father" Yelled Dean, 'What?" Said Evan "in the future you will have another egg" said dean, "cool" said evan, "do you want me to bring him here"said dean, "won't that break the space time continum?" said evan, "yes it will but i'm taking the chances"said dean,"ok.whats his or her name?" said evan, "Bradley or brad For short" said dean.a portal opened up and dean walked in itand a minute later came out with a goggle bird.

what will evan have to do? will drake take his revenge? find out in part 2!

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