after the ressurection he went back to this state

"I know 3 birds who always follow me, but in the shadows, one of these birds is a Shadow himself"

-Daniel, Referring to Drake in  Season 4, Episode 7: "Julia gets captured"

Drake Victor Thompson  WAS a lazer bird that is a villan from evan's past. he used to be evan's friend but ended the friendship because evan's split personality devin (drake didn't know evan had a split personality) hit a dynamite crate (on purpuse) and caused it to explode but evan failed to save him and he was seriously injured in the rekage and never forgave him causing evan to leave the island. when he sneaked into a portal that sent birds into space it started turning him into a lazer bird PERMANENTLY(that recovered his injures) and returned to earth to seek revenge on evan, when he was defeated he was hit with a large build-up of stress causeing him to go further insane. until he met a strange bird that gave him new powers that were outstanding and under whent a PAINFULL
Shadow Drake

his appearance when he died.

transformation.he is now out for further revenge and most recently Daniel Killed Him, but Accidentally by knocking him off a boat. but evan ressurected him when he saw daniel still in guilt  after seeing one of drakes flashbacks......daniel also told drake to forgive evan. drake is now a good guy.


The Incident

The time during the incident.


To Control The Darknes around him


Can Read Minds 




Element Manipulation (Elements Such As: Lightning, Ice, Fire, Earth, Sky Etc.)

Shrink And Growing Abilities 


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