Dr. Pig

Dr. Pigtastic after he accidentally transported himself to space

Dr. Pigtastic is an evil scientist that creates evil potions. he accidentally killed his wife in an experiment. he is the scientist who created the Dark pig and was "Killed" in part 6, he never died. he is also the one who trapped Daniel and disguised himself as Daniel to get to the Dark Pig, and increase it's power.

The Destroy

Not much was known about this, but the basics of the UFO were known

What it does

  • The slingshot is like what angry birds do, but with black spiky balls. They are thrown to hit objects. If it does not work, Plan B is the Lava Swing.
  • Lava Swing is, you know... burn. The claw, that's lava-proof, pulls the lava ball, and swing! It hits objects. If it does not work, he uses both the Slingshot and the Lava Swing.
The Destroy

Dr. Pigtastic's UFO creation: The Destroy

Dr. Pigtastic

Dr. Pigtastic in his new appearance

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