did you know Daniel's secret form is bigger than Culk? did you know that Ryan can speed faster than a train if he wanted to? do you know that Edna is hidden in Daniel's Missions, and some she sticks out? learn all the Fasinating things on THIS VERY PAGE!


Harry may look ordinary, but that's a little bit of the twist. just like Daniel, Harry can identify things in the distance. nobody knows how he does it


Eggboy's secret is deceivingly easy to miss. Eggboy can teleport at light speeds, making his target not have enough time to move out of the way! this has been seen rarely.


Tyler may look small, but he can sure pack a punch! not only is Tylera high-trained inflater, but he's also part of Bird S.H.E.I.L.D. he is trained to be able to do more than inflate, Swordfight, and Destroy pigs. he was part of the team that took the Destructobot down, and the guy who helped destroy the Meteor. (Access code, 5654)

Ryan (Important File)

13 year old Ryan Jefrey Johnson is the fastest bird you might know, if you knew how fast he could go! Ryan can speed up to 2000 miles per hour, faster than a Freight train, this was first seen in episode 89, where Daniel was about to get hit by a train, and Ryan saved him before the train could hit Daniel


i know this may sound like a lie, but Daniel has a form Bigger than Culk. he swells up to a size so Massive, Mighty is only half his size. birds call that form Dulk in "Dulk appears", Dulk's Origin is released. Daniel gets trapped in a storage locker by accident, and he's trapped with an unknown bird. Daniel finds meat packets, and eats those. but he ends up growing immense, due to those being covered in Growing powder, which Daniel had no idea about untill he was nearly pulling the roof off. but he ends up doing it again, exploding the top off the locker. when the birds return to look for Daniel, they find the Storage lockers wrecked, they beleive that the Unknown Bird has escaped. Strawdina finds that Daniel is missing, and goes on a search for him. when she finds Dulk, she thinks he is a Mezobird who ATE Daniel, so she attacks him, only to get smacked into a tree, nearly breaking it. it proves that Dulk is stronger than Daniel, because Daniel can barely move Strawdina, let alone throw her.

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