Did you know the birds have Immunities? let's find out what immunities they have! we will start with little baby Harry, and end with Ryan.


although just a baby, harry is Immune to anything from accidentally falling down stairs, to accidentally getting hit with a toy! this might be from Tyler, but nobody knows exactly


Although a baby, Eggboy has one Characteristic like his Dad... he's Immune to most Poisons! the birds know that's one of Daniel's abilities for sure!


He is immune to anything cold or hot.


Kashy is immune to acid, a very dangerous chemical. He was born to be immune to acid because his father (before Kashy was born and not married) was working on the telephone wires, after it was burnt down. While he was fixing, he got an unexpected shock, thus making it unable to be hurt with acid. He is also immune to hot things, considering he's a black bird who explodes.


Andrew has a very unique power, he can come back to life! However it takes him 1min to do it and electricity, blaster bullets, lasers and plasma can kill him.


like his son, he is Immune to getting hit. but on a much larger impact, due to his Inflating Ability, nobody can even put a dent in him! In Fact, one time Daniel and him were playing soccer and Daniel crashed with him and he was sent flying back to his house!


you know that F.F.S. Story "Tyler for King" ? Not only was it not real, only THREE facts were Correct, Tyler Is Daniel's Heir, Daniel is the King Bird confirmed by a Contest, and there is a note in the drawer of the castle on Angry Birds Island. it is KNOWN Daniel would have never Died from that Snakebite, because 1, he is fast and could have dodged the snake, and 2, he is IMMUNE to snake Poison, Spider Poison, Food Poison, and some Dragon and Dragon-Bird Poisons.


due to something Daniel put in her water one night, she is permanently immune to Impacts, even stone. her corpse sprite is faked.

Rainbow Bird

He is immune to basicly any type of bullet and toxic chemical.


Edna, after the Wormhole Simulator, never runs out of Egg-Bombs ever again. she can lay Multiple just like Muna!


as you know, Black Birds have a bad temper, and Tend to explode. but Blacky can Control his temper, thus not exploding constantly when aggravated, though still does explode after eating something Spicy!


Because Daniel gave Ryan some of his power, Ryan is too immune to most poisons.


He is immune to getting shocked by electricity. In other words, he can't get electrocuted.


Terence is immune to pain and damage. 'Nuff said.

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