Birds saw a time when they were warring against themselves, and how birds broke then. here is how birds changed during the war (this has not happened now, it's 10 years in the future) from least, to greatest.


Ryan was captured for his refusal to fight, and nothing changed at all. he didn't care what happened. the only thing that changed was his love for the birds who once joined him against the pigs. he wished to only see Daniel, but knew Daniel didn't trust any bird. After Autumn gets Daniel to talk To Ryan, he's the first Bird ever that Daniel talks to.


Tyler saw the Orange Birds fight other birds, and he also refused to fight. Tyler was never captured, and things changed, Tyler grew old as the war commenced.


Muffler COULDN'T fight, he had no species. he sold some of Daniel's old inventions to prisoners of the war and helped them escape. he even recreated Daniel's most famous Potion, the De-ager, it decreased anyone's Facial changes to look like they did ten years ago. Muffler could not reach Tyler, because Tyler didn't Trust mutants.


When Autumn saw her species being killed one by one, she ran. she managed to escape. she is the only Bird who can get close to Daniel, for they escaped together. When she got back to Ryan, she told him about her time with Daniel, and she helps him get Daniel to talk to Ryan.


Rocky helped build safehouses for the Birds who Muffler brought from treason. Rocky stated seeing Daniel sometimes, but sometimes thought it was a figment of his imagination


Strawdin grew hateful of her captors, she knew exactly what had happened to Daniel, and hoped he would someday free her. when Muffler set her free, she told him to keep a lookout for Daniel, so he could remind of him of who he COULD trust.


Strawben, like Strawdina, was very mad at the birds who captured them. he is said to have advised that Rocky should call out to Daniel, and See if he Replies.


Daniel was the most affected bird, and after he saw his entire species of Goggle birds hung and killed, He escaped and never trusted anyone ever again, many people say they saw him, but nobody gets a picture, because he Vanishes. He speaks Sleuthwingese instead of Birdish due to have escaped by Sleuthwing, and lived with them. Autumn gets taught Sleuthwingese, and Translates for Ryan, Making Ryan the only bird Daniel talks to after the war.

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