Did you know every bird has their own theme? It's true!


Tyler has three themes. Weird, huh? He doesn't care. You ask him, he says: A Theme for Each Ocassion. His Themes are:

  • God Gave Rock N' Roll To You, by Kiss
  • Welcome to the Jungle, by Guns n' Roses
  • Walk This Way, by Aerosmith


Evan's theme Is "Shooting Star" By Owl City : Link To Offical Music Video:



Kashy's theme is Magic by B.o.B


Kevin MacLeod ~ Cipher03:52

Kevin MacLeod ~ Cipher

Lewis' Theme

Lewis' musical theme is Cipher by Kevin Mcleod.

Lewis' main theme Is Wake Me Up by Avicii


Ryan's theme song is "We are Young" by Fun.


Daniel's Theme song is "The Mechanic" by Brian Tyler

Young Daniel

Young Daniel's theme is from the Star Wars, Phantom Menace soundtrack. to be specific, Anakin's theme.

Anakin's Theme - John Williams03:10

Anakin's Theme - John Williams

Tyler and Lewis

Tyler and Lewis' theme is No Frills Salsa by Kevin Macleod. It will feature in a miniseries of Angry Birds Toons.
Kevin MacLeod ~ No Frills Salsa - Alternate01:28

Kevin MacLeod ~ No Frills Salsa - Alternate

Tyler And Lewis' Theme


Deadmau5 - Strobe-010:37

Deadmau5 - Strobe-0

Matrix's theme.

Matrix's theme is "Strobe" by deadmau5, because it's relaxing, and it mostly represents him because it's just his favorite song.

Lewis Skywalker

Disney's Planes Soundtrack - Take Flight02:34

Disney's Planes Soundtrack - Take Flight

Lewis Skywalker's Theme

Lewis Skywalker's Theme is Take Flight. This is because it represents his rise to guardian, and his bravery. 


Eye Of The Tiger - The London Symphony Orchestra04:20

Eye Of The Tiger - The London Symphony Orchestra

Redrick's Theme

Redrick's theme is Eye Of The Tiger (Orchestra Version). His other theme is Can't Hold Us by Mackemore. According to Lewis, "I can just imagine him speeding though a forest heroicly defeatuing Red. It signifies how Red is unstoppable. He will stop at nothing to help those in need."


The London Symphony Orchestra - The Final Countdown05:25

The London Symphony Orchestra - The Final Countdown

WIngman's Theme

Wingman's theme is the Orchestra Version of Final Countdown.


Oberon's Theme is Duel Of The Fates.

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