We already know Ryan has Stress Disorder, but do you know Daniel was born with a heart that beats really fast, and when stressed, it beats so fast it nearly explodes? do you Know Strawben , When stressed, eats Crackers and salt? find out more Below!


Ryan has Stress Disorder as written on his page, and cried often as a chick. Daniel doesn't like stressing Ryan out for one reason, Ryan is REALLY good at becoming unusually clumsy and breaking things when he's stressed. This actually stresses him out even MORE, and then he has a hard time thinking. However, he manages to calm himself down by playing with the cat-birds, and sometimes even letting the dragons out of their stables to watch them dance beautifully and magestically in the sky. He can also calm down by spending time with Daniel and Tyler.


Daniel was born with a Unique Heart, which beats faster than most, causing to his ability to run faster then most Yellow Birds, in fact, Ryan is the only yellow bird he can't catch up to by a mile! When Daniel gets stressed, his heart speeds up twice it's normal rate, which makes Daniel feel a strong adrenaline. Daniel shouldn't be stressed out by other birds, because he can really has a hard time with it.


Strawben gets salt deffecient when he's stressed, hence why he brings a bag of items, inlcuding salt and crackers, everywhere.


Korb becomes stressed whenever anyone talks about Cannabirds, because his brother, sister and parents were eaten by Henry. In fact, when he confronted Henry, it took 2 Big Brother Birds to stop him from throwing him into the volcano! More soon

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