you may think you know Daniel has Anger issues, but do you know he has issues with certain things and feelings? he's not as strong as you may think!


Daniel just has to have two problems to make him Depressed, and it usually changes his entire brain from not hurt easily to hurt VERY easily by what other people say. he sometimes makes mountains out of molehills, or in more specific terms, takes little things harshly.

Ryan's sadness

Daniel doesn't like Ryan being sad, and he sometimes finds himself being the Problem. whenever Ryan is sad, Daniel will try to make to for it.

Ryan in angry form

We know Daniel is TERRIFIED of the Dark because Ally watched a show with him about recorded things such as Monster-Birds, and Ryan in angry form looks kind of like a Monster Bird, which usually terrifies the Mac out of him


Daniel has a serious issue with Spiders, if he sees one he thinks is a Black Widow, he'll jump so high he'll hit the Ceiling!

Large parks and Stores

Daniel tends to wander, and he sometimes thinks he's only so far away when he's WAY far away, usually causing him to get scared


Daniel is afraid of some of the Bird Myths. Daniel is especially afraid of the Dark Beast, a creature history has forgotten, but Daniel and Ryan have not.

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