Baby Davey

Cute Little Baby Davey!

Injury Clone

Davey before he died

One fine morning, Mary, one of Daniel's female clones, hatched a baby chick named Davey. The second he broke out of his egg, he sighed in real big, and out. When Marry picked him up for the first time, Davey discovered Love, something he would use all his life. He immediately hugged his mother back. Mary smiled. Soon, Davey started hugging everyone he met. Every good bird in the village was increasinly charmed by him. He met the creator of his people, Daniel, and the two became friends. He also met Ryan, who at the time was Davey's exact age. The trio hung out together often, and even as they grew up! Then one day, Davey decided to visit Daniel, who was at his lab. Davey came in and watched Daniel expirment. Daniel explained to Davey that he was making a special serum that would transfer his every injury to King Pigram. But Davey tripped on a floor nail and knocked into Daniel. The serum spilled all over Davey! Daniel SCREAMED. Davey realized what had happened and burst into tears. Daniel tried hard not to get hurt when out on adventures to spare Davey's life, but the villns kept beating him up! And once Davey recieved an injury from Daniel, it NEVER HEALED. One night, Daniel got shot by Fireworks Dave! Ryan was hanging out with Davey at his house when Davey dropped to the floor and started screaming. Ryan saw a gun wound appear on Davey's heart! Ryan called 911, but by the time the ambulance came, it was too late. Davey, the friendliest red bird chick ever known, was gone. But then the most unexpected thing happened.

To be continued...

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