Dark pig shrunk

The Dark Pig Shrunk

Daniel looked around, closed his eyes, and Changed Color. his Red feathers Turned Brown. Then He Split into Four Birds. One Purple, one Brown, one Yellow, And a Red One, "which Bird are you? Black Bird Asked. the red Responded "i'm Me." He turned to the fight, and Screamed I'M COMING MIGHTY!" all Four Goggle Birds Jumped, but Daniel Was the Fastest. Daniel Hit the Dark Pig Everywhere. Brown Daniel Dropped like a stone, Purple Daniel Sped Up then Exploded, and Yellow Daniel Burst into Flames. The Dark Pig Shrunk with each Hit. finally, he was no Bigger than King Pigram. Daniel Tied him up. the Dark Pig spoke Bitterly. "i'll get you birdy, YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE THE DARK PIG!" Daniel Chuckled "oh! Im so Scared! Whatever shall i do? HA!" He mocked and hopped up to the room to sleep. Mighty Watched the Dark Pig. But When Mighty Fell asleep, "Daniel" Stepped outside. "nice show We put on, buddy." He said, he undid the zipper, and laughed, HE WAS A PIG! Mighty wasn't asleep yet. and opened his eyes wide, nobody noticed. "oh no, that's not Daniel!" Mighty thought. the pig redid the zipper and hopped upstairs. the next morning, Stawdine hopped downstairs to talk to mighty, before Strawdina could talk, Mighty Interrupted. "DANIEL ISN'T DANIEL, HE'S A PIG!" Mighty Blurted out. i saw it, we've been fooled. strawdina's Eyes pinned. she looked up at the window. then the dark pig. mighty nodded.

Where is the REAL Daniel? Find out in part 6!