Daniel Inflated

Daniel When Inflated

Everyone was knocked unconious... almost everyone. Daniel had stayed awake, and saved his freinds. his goggles glowed and Whirred, PUFF! Daniel Inflated Like an Airbag. the dark Pig Lurked outside. Daniel made his Friends and himself vanish into thin air. he could camouflage Himself and his friends in a second, but inflation doesn't last. in that moment, daniel deflated.birds toppled on top of him like rain soaks a plank of wood.but his soft body covered for his deflation. "Now Wha-" said Ernie Daniel Interupted Immediately "ssssssshh!" Daniel Whispered the train Rattled a loud voice Spoke "COME OUT BIRD, AND MEET YOUR DOOM!" the voice Boomed. It was the Dark Pig! Daniel's Heart raced. he read stories of this pig, it ate a whole valley of birds in one gulp. Daniel set his Goggles down, and switched them to survival mode, then Pressed Camouflage. He hopped to the front of the Train, the conductor was dead. Daniel pushed the lever forward. the Train started. He jumped down and ran to the back. The Dark Pig Growled and tried to stop the train, but Couldn't. Daniel Stood In the Caboose. Working on some Chemistry, Daniel saw a RC Scaceship. Daniel took a Growth Serum to It, Then did some Work. after the Finishing Touches, Daniel dragged his Freinds into the Spaceship, as the Dark Pig aproached, Daniel pushed the lever on the Remote forward. the Caboose exploded like a Firework. Daniel saw Bright lights ahead, then felt a slab of Metal hit him.

Did Daniel survive? is he dead? Find out in part 4!