Dark Pig

Dark Pig

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a grappling hook grabbed the floor. The birds peaked down hopefully, but what met them sadly weren't Red and Yellow, but another Clutter Of Birds. The Leader Hopped up, and Pulled the rest of his flock up. "What's your name, Little Guy?" asked White. The Leader Turned around. it was... DANIEL! All the other birds gasped. Daniel heard a roar, and Looked down. The Dark Pig had caught up! Daniel wouldn't run and scream, he would stay and FIGHT. he tried to pull the rest of the birds up, but sadly, the Dark Pig caught them and ate them. Daniel and the remaining birds got in the plane and Slammed the door shut.Black Stared hard at Daniel.When they got to Austin, the Dark Pig Was Waiting, but So Was Daniel, waiting for the door to Open. When the moment came, Daniel Screamed "BLAH! an WHACKED agianst the pig. he glared harder at Daniel, who's eyebrow was cocked challengingly. Daniel was only Somewhat Stronger than mighty. so he caused a MAJOR Black Eye to the Dark Pig. Daniel laughed, the Dark pig Tried to jump on him, but daniel was like a Yellow Bird, and zoomed away. The fight only took a few seconds when both Daniel and Dark pig triped, rolled like a tire, and ran into dynamite. A huge explosion accured, killing some more birds. The birds saw some one coming, it was Daniel. Later on a train, Daniel explianed how he got his powers, his goggles React to Bird Emeralds. Suddenly the train lights turned off and there was another explosion the train crashed. To be continued...

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