a Skull Bird

after a long day, everyone went to sleep, but while Daniel slept, a group of Strange birds called Skrull-birds kidnapped him, and replaced him with one of their own, who changed into looking like Daniel, so nobody would Realise that Daniel was gone. the next morning, everyone woke up. and "Daniel" seemed to be acting pretty strange, a raspy voice, and a weird change of Eye color. Ryan was ESPECIALLY Suspicious, and he was going to find out what exactly what was going on. "Daniel just doesn't seem to be himself, he's gotten really WEIRD!" Ryan said to Damian, who paused for a moment then said, "what KIND of weird?" Damian asked. "well, his eyes are Brown, they were BRIGHT blue last time i saw him, he's got a raspy voice, strange looks, i've never seen it before!" Ryan said. "Sounds like Skrull-Birds" Damian said. he flipped through a book that Daniel consulted way back, all about medieval creatures. "Skrull-Birds are masters of Disguise, they can look like ANYONE they look like, and nobody knows untill the Skrull-Bird reveals itself" Damian said, reading the text. "the only thing that is known about them is they were Spies for Scorn back in medieval times, they diguised themselves as Knights, and when it was time for the war against scorn, they Revealed themselves as Double Agents working for Scorn. now, with Modern Technology in hand, they can be anyone who has the same body shape as them, without wearing their Clothing, also they now have a royal bird to tell them what to do" Damian added. "so how do i make the Skrull-Bird reveal itself?" Ryan asked, wondering. "put it in a position where it has to, or let it do it on it's own" Damian replied. "That's the hardest part, but it's easy"

Why the pigs don't kidnap Daniel often

Meanwhile, at the Skrull-Bird fort, Daniel had just woken up, and he had Already Escaped. all the Skrull-Birds quickly tried to knock him out, only to be knocked out themselves, 199 Skrull-birds were now knocked out, but the leader was still sitting at the table, hogging down roast Pig. Daniel jumped unto the table, and skidded towards the leader, Holding Thunder Blade as if he would strike the leader any minute "hey Greeny, where am i?!" Daniel said, looking Menacing as ever. The madness from Last night's attack hadn't left Daniel yet. At.. the Skrull-Bird... Fort" the Leader said, choking a bit from Daniel's Grip. Daniel let go. "Skrull-Birds!" Daniel said. he had heard of Skrulls, they were aliens in "Avengers: Earth's mightiest Heroes" who wanted to take over Earth, but so did the Kree. "let me Guess, next comes Kree-Birds, Then the Avengers themselves." Daniel said. "i don't beleive in Aliens"

More soon

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