the mutant.

Daniel sat at the enterance of Birdwarts castle, at night. "Rocky Muffler, why don't you knock?" Daniel said. A mutant slithered to the door, it looked like a combination of Muffler and Rocky. It whipped it's snake tail and broke the doors open. Daniel snickered and said the lumos spell, which activated the light bulb in his wand. Daniel found Dumbledore and many other wizards asleep, and finally found who he was looking for. "Wakey Wakey, Malfoy." Daniel said, and with that, a Red bird sat up. Daniel grabbed the Red Bird, and threw him into the hall. Daniel grabbed him, and choked him. "Daniel!" Draco exclaimed. "That's right, Malfoy" Daniel said, "it's me". Draco stared at Daniel, who had turned to Semi-Dulk. Daniel let go, and the Mutant appeared in the wall and grabbed Draco, and began squeezing. Draco struggled, but the coils got tighter. Finally, Draco stopped struggling, and went completely motionless. The mutant came out of the wall, and followed Daniel out.

more soon

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