180px-Goggle Bird 2

Where is he?

Daniel hopped along the road, to heck knows where. Everyone watched the news, but after three days, people got worried. everyone went everywhere looking. Meanwhile the Great Telescope turned in the breeze, with Someone's eye watching them. Ryanin bed, and nobody was sent there. The Telescope was scanning areas nobody knew existed... well, humans didn't. Whoever-it-was watched over then town like a sheperd watches his sheep. This Went on three days, and every bird looking stopped. if he was anywhere, the pigs had already found him.. or did they?


Daniel was truly in the Great Telescope, surveying the Island for the pigs. he had changed in those three days, he had began to wear his glasses instead of goggles, he had a hat that said "Signpaint4evr" on it. nobody could recognise him. he was practically a kid version of the Sign painter! he left signs for visitors, he had the hat, and the glasses just needed to be darker.

Gotham? what?

Daniel had left the shelter before it got teleported. he was mad at lewis because lewis had threatened to leave. but the calmer Daniel got, the more he thought he was wrong for getting so mad. Daniel left the Telescope after that. Sun-eyes jumped at Daniel. Daniel smacked Sun-eyes with a Goo Structure right in the face. Sun-eyes's eyeglow vanished, and he seemed to be calmer now. he was not very angry. "I-I I'm FREE!!!" the new guy said, "hello! i'm Little red!". Daniel's eyes pinned. "THE little red?" Daniel gasped. it was indeed Little Red, Daniel's great great great great uncle, who was believed to have been dead. "how did you become Sun-eyes?!" Daniel continued.

the story was about to begin.

Little Red tells his story

"it all Began a long time ago" little Red began, "it was October, Halloween was getting near. the pigs had made puppets to trick us birds into thinking they were our Ancestors... of course, i was suspicious." Daniel giggled slightly, it was in his family genes that he was suspicious! that Gene still existed in Daniel, it was the main reason Daniel was still alive! "as i walked by, my Cousin, Tanner noticed my anger that Nobody believed me. the poor kid knew what i was talking about. i heard his scream an hour later, and when i got there, it was too late..." Daniel grimmaced and thought of the skeleton he hung up in his Closet."where did they leave it?" Daniel asked. "By the river, i pushed it in, hoping to never be reminded of him ever again." little red said, knowing exactly what Daniel was talking about. " i went to my secret valley area, only to find a cute little sprout, it was even Beautiful. i touched it, and instantly, things went dark and everything changed."

The red Block dude is ALIVE?!

"wow" Daniel breathed. "i never knew the Beauty Generator could do that" Daniel remembered the gun in "Cog in the Machine." It still worked, and maybe he could send a message to gotham, wherever Gotham was. Daniel hopped along, only to see the gun was destroyed. Daniel sat down on top of the "Burning Man" block. All of the sudden, it's eyes reappeared and looked at him. "you look sad, what Troubles you?" said the Block. Daniel looked down at it. "Your ALIVE?! but your eyes exploded when i set the match goo on fire!" Daniel said. "It only looked like that, they receded into me, for i am just a hollow old block, and nothing but."the Block admitted. "Oh!" Daniel said, nearly falling off in suprise. Then Daniel had Idea.

How to Fix a Laser Gun from C.I.T.M.

"May i borrow you?" Daniel said, thinking of what he could Do with the "Burning Man" block. He ran to the gun and stuffed him in the handle. He built the rest of the gun up. he went into the control room, and typed in the message and some commands. As he shot the Gun, the Burning man flew out of the gun WITH the message. His eyes had become speakers, and Daniel said "i'm Sorry Lewis." The Burning man had become a flying wireless speaker. "What on Earth?" Daniel said, staring at the Flying Burning Man block. "What is he DOING?" sure enough, the message and audio got to gotham city, and Lewis both heard and saw Daniel's message. "Is that the Burning Man?" Lewis asked. it was indeed! "Now the Burning SPEAKER!" the Burning Speaker echoed Daniel's Message, and the Gun emitted the written version. Lewis forgave Daniel, and Daniel forgave Lewis.

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