One night at the Mansion, Ryan and Daniel were sleeping in Strawdina and Strawben's room, When Daniel woke up to Ryan screaming. Daniel whisked on his goggles and switched them to Night-vision mode. "Ryan, what happened?" Daniel asked a wide-eyed and terrified Ryan. "I-i had a horrible nightmare, it was that you and i were playing Weeping Spangles, when suddenly a Weeping Spangle came up and whacked you, then came after me." Ryan said. Daniel hid his horror. "uh... go back to sleep Ryan." Daniel said. Ryan did, but after that, Daniel had a hard time sleeping, because everytime he dozed off, he saw Weeping Spangle whack him with it's poisonous ball. Daniel finally got some peace after thinking of tommorow instead of the dream. Daniel had a nightmare Ryan had been replaced by a duplicate who needed to PAINT his Belly Feathers pink, and that he had come to get rid of both Ryan and Daniel.

Ryan's nightmare comes true

The next afternoon, Ryan and Daniel DID play weeping Spangles. Ryan suddenly screamed and ran away. Birdis beeped and Daniel ducked. Daniel heard a Weeping Spangle's scream of anger. Daniel ran. "HIS NIGHTMARE CAME TRUE!" Daniel said. "I HAVE A WEEPING SPANGLE CHASING ME!" Then a helmet pig appeared.Daniel asked,"Who are you?!".He said,"I am Harold,chief commander of the helmet pigs. And what is THAT?!" "That's a weeping spangle!" "A what?! Oh,nevermind.This is too good to be true! I can play pranks on the other birds now!" He laughed and went. Daniel shook his head, took out a Bullet-less gun, pointed it into the air... and fired. BANG! The Gun barked. The Weeping Spangle ran away. "great, let's just hope MY dream doesn't come true." Daniel said.They went back to the nest.Harold wasn't there.Ryan asked Tyler,"Where's that helmet pig?"Tyler said,"You mean Harold the annoying nuisance?He annoyed us so much that we put him in the slingshot,and catapulted him away."Ryan shook his head in disbelief.

more soon

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