One day, Ryan, Tyler and Daniel settled down for another of Grandpa Jones's famous stories. "Your grandpa tells the best stories!" Tyler said to Daniel and Ryan, "though sometimes Grandpa Jones seems to exaggerate". "My grandpa does NOT exaggerate!" Daniel retorted. Tyler chuckled. "I KNEW you'd say that." Tyler said. Grandpa Jones came into the room, and held a book that said " The Bird Who Escaped Birdatraz". "Today, children, i am going read to you about a bird who escaped the most elaborate prison ever made!" Grandpa Jones announced. Daniel and Ryan gasped and exchanged a look of both pure shock, and horror. "A long time ago, there was bird who commited the worst crime known to birdkind... BETRAYING HIS OWN SPECIES!" Grandpa Jones continued. "He stopped the birth of 3 other kinds of angry birds which WOULD have existed, by giving the eggs to the pigs, and stopping all birds who tried to stop the pigs. He was later captured and jailed for his actions. he was put in one of the deepest and darkest of cells, and only officers could open his cell and free him... or so they THOUGHT! He grew so strong, and so powerful, he broke the concrete wall, and escaped the most elaborate jail there ever was."

more soon

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