The baby yellow bird was hurt badly, and started crying helplessly. Daniel quickly ran to get help. He brought Strawdina back with him. Strawdina gasped. She picked him up and held him. The baby yellow bird stopped crying. She brought him home with her and Daniel and showed him to Blacky, her husband and Daniel's dad. Blacky made a face. "What do you plan to do with him?" he asked. "This is an orphan chick who was on his own in the wilderness!" She replied. "We should adopt him." "Whoah, woah, woah! We're not taking in another child!" Blacky protested. The baby yellow bird cooed. Strawdina was confused. "What do you have against this cute little yellow bird?" she asked, holding him in Blacky's face. The baby yellow bird screamed and started crying again. This startled Blacky and he turned red and went outside to blow up. Then he came back in and said, "That's why." Blacky didn't like yellow birds. Most of them where deceivers and spies. But Strawdina knew that there was nothing wrong with this baby yellow bird, even if it was from the wild. It needed a home. She had Daniel set up his old crib they had never gotten rid of in the spare room, as well as a lamp. Strawdina set the baby yellow bird on the floor, and said, "I'll call you Ryan," and she put a diaper on him.

How will Ryan fit in with the Jhonson Birds? Part 5 soon!

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