Tro after he wins a battle

As you Know, Tro and Fireworks Dave work Together, but Fireworks Dave Never Introduced Tro to Daniel, but one day, Fireworks Dave Came in Charred and Injured "Man, he's hard to Beat!" Tro was there. Tro Asked "who, Buddy?" "Daniel" Fireworks Dave Replied. Tro Wanted get rid of Good Birds Forever, so he went to try to kill Daniel. he crept Behind Daniel, hoping Daniel Wouldn't notice, but Daniel's Heat Sense Ability gave him away. Daniel Felt Tro's Body Heat, and the cold blade of the knife Tro jumped at him. but Daniel had a sword of his own, he parryed Tro's Knife with no hesitation whatsoever and the fight Began, it was Daniel against Tro, the old King of Bird Island, of the Coast of Angry Birds Island. Daniel had practiced Swordfighting alot, But so had Tro. soon enough, Daniel nearly stabbed Tro's heart, but Moved his Sword away and said "I bet your freinds would want you Alive." and hopped away

Will Tro and Daniel Fight Agian?

Find out in Part 2!

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