Chapter 8



The Ambulance came. The pigs had survived, and were as damaged as Ryan and I were. they put us and the pigs in the ambulance, and drove away.I felt like a sack of tiles, like the only thing holding my shape was the shattered peices of my bones. Whenever the ambulance hit a bump, i heard Ryan scream in agony. I on the other hand could barely make a noise. When we got to the hospital, we were instantly x-rayed for organ damge. It thankfully came back negative. We would be okay. I did have some severe bruises. The bone damage wasn't as lucky. I had broken some bones, not important ones, but i had to stay for a while. Ryan had broken his head and had lost tons of feathers. Like me he had tons of scrapes.

I'm glad everyone else was okay. Tyler, Dad, and Mom visited us. Mom had brought flowers. my favorite kinds, to be more specific. ro ses, carnations, and a tulip here and there. Ryan's favorite two, yellow dasies, pink tulips and bright red roses. Dad assured us we'd be okay despite all the broken bones. Tyler gave me my goggles, just in case. he had also brought a mexican mini-scupture. it was of two dogs dancing. "i know you love art, so i brought you something like a statue in mexico." i had seen that statue before at a local mexican Restaurant. For Ryan he brought a giant pack of bubblegum. What a joker! We all laughed, including Ryan.

Chapter 9

We got out of the Hospital today, and just in time! It's been 2 weeks, i'm glad i wasn't wearing my glasses during the accident, because then i would have been in REAL trouble. Ryan is okay now, and so am i.  The only damage that i'll never recover from is my Contact lenses smashing into my eyes.  Now they're permanently part of my eyes. ope, they just popped out, nevermind. anyway, why just in time? Well, a killer Hurricane is coming to the Island, and with the sound of it, it's a replay of Hurricane Hoggie. Great! this always happens around winter. sadly, today is the day i lost a dragon... Flash, to be specific. He's dead. now the only ones i have are Gravity and Onyx.  well, see you tommorow, we have somplace to go.

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