Chapter 4

Ryan started working for Uncle Jack, and i'm not sure that's a good idea. but today he came home with Autumn, they looked in love. "DANIEL, RYAN, GET UP HERE!" i heard mom shout.I ran upstairs with Ryan and Autumn following me."Ryan, Tyler said you burned down Uncle Jack's feild." mom said. "YOU DID WHAT?!" i shouted, "THAT'S SUICIDE, MAN! HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU WHEN HE FINDS YOU!". Now i was worried: not for the rest of us, although i knew we would go first, but for Ryan.I had just gotten back, now i was going to lose Ryan... AGAIN! "I didn't mean to," said Ryan. "Just a few plants to teach him for trying to eat Autumn." "Yeah," said Autumn. "He was standing up for me!" "Well, you're still in trouble," Strawdina said. "You still burned down his property and you're STILL gonna serve your punishment." "Yes, Mom," Ryan said, trudging to his room. i had finally got home from kidnap #1, and now i'm going to lose Ryan to an Orange Bird who eats other Birds... GREAT!

Chapter 5

Remember how i said i was freaked out that Ryan burned down Uncle Jack's mansion? well guess who came to Daniel Labs and tried to to KILL ME? You got it, Uncle Jack. I'm not one to get scared, but Uncle Jack is the frosting on the evil cupcake! He called me "Bird Bit", which is a snack food for birds. I grabbed the nearest potion, which happened to be the Dulk potion, and drank it. ~`")

Chapter 6

I'm back, i won. (thankfully) And prevented disaster, or more specifically Dulk did. I knew Uncle Jack will be back. I'm sorry if i left ink marks on the pages behind this one when i tranformed into Dulk. i hopped upstairs, and Ryan seemed absent. I hope nothing bad happened to him. a hurricane started, which worsened my mood. I just hope Uncle Jack isn't going to hurt him. While mom put the Blue Bird triplets to bed, i made myself a cup of mint tea and helped with whatever i could. After a while, i got tired, and fell asleep.

I woke up back in my bedroom, and the storm was getting worse. Thunder rumbled, causing there to be a fuss from the dragon stables. Lightning Crackled, and i saw something in front of my window, AN ELECTRICTY-DWELLING DRAGON-BIRD! it appeared with the lightning, huge but majestic. it was like a dragon i had seen in a movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" or something.

Chapter 7

I'm back, it's been havoc lately, our house burned down, we bought a mansion, and i am in immense pain because of two ABSOLUTELY STUPID pigs. There we were, driving, when a pig in a TNT Crate car drove straight at us. Mom pressed the brakes (like a smart person should do), but the pig car did not, and they ran into us, exploding the car. Ryan was asleep... WAS, until the car exploded, he received minimal damage because i gave him my pillow, and that thing is like an airbag. Ironically, mom landed with the airbag right in her face, the airbag system still attached to the steering wheel. The Blue Bird triplets were fine because of their baby seat. i and Ryan, however, were not. i landed face-first in pavement. OUCH! now i know how Tyler feels when HIS beak breaks. Poor Ryan got a face full of dumpster and made a loud cracking sound.

what will happen to Daniel and Ryan? find out in out in part 4

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