White Goggle Bird


Chapter 1

I looked around the forest slowly, hiding in a bush. “No Dragons” I said. Muna popped out from behind me, then Ryan, then Flammable. “if one single Dragon shows it's face, i'll burn it!” Flammable said bitterly. I yelled at him. “FLAMMABLE! We're not here to hurt Dragons, we're here to find Fireworks Dave.” Flammable backed down immediately. “yes Daniel” he said respectfully. (somewhat, though.) he was right to respect me, I Created him. (and almost every Goggle Bird on the island) I heard rustling, next thing I knew, I was on the ground looking up at Fireworks Dave. “We meet again, Daniel” he said. I couldn't respond, he had knocked me on the head with something.

Chapter 2

when I awoke from unconsciousness, I felt stung everywhere. I managed to get myself free of the chains. It wasn't easy, luckily I had an extra long tongue to grab the keys. (don't ask, it's a secret) I hopped toward Fireworks Dave slowly. He was asleep, so I was able to slowly move him from his chair. I typed in the code to his computer, and found documents for his newest weapon. “gotcha.” I said, forgetting to whisper. Luckily, he was in a REM by that time.”phew!” I whispered. I printed all the documents I could carry and RAN. Fireworks Dave woke up as I sonic boomed out. He saw the virus I implanted in his computer and ran after me. I noticed Muna and Flammable had escaped without me “good for them!” I said. I was sure he was about to catch me when Ryan appeared and knocked him out. Looks like Ryan hadn't escaped with them. When we got home, I found the biggest surprise ever. Muna was sitting on something, she smiled at me and said, “your not going to believe this, you are now a dad!” my eyes pinned immediately. “but, we're young!” I had NOT seen this coming.

“Okay, I wasn't expecting this yet. I thought it wasn't until we get older that you lay eggs.” I said. Mom nearly fainted when I told her Muna had lain eggs. “this is Great, I was young when I lain you.”my mom said. “though that was when I was known as Trixie, and I had Strawben”. I never knew my other siblings that were lain with me. for, I was found during the Mighty Hoax, And my siblings died of K.O.A.B. (Killer of All Birds). And I never even knew Strawben. i had no Idea what to say, because chicks were the LAST thing i expected at my young age. it was a thought that had slipped my mind at my age, Edna said I had to be 20 to marry, and i did nothing to Muna to cause this. all i did was kiss her on the cheek, and that's all.

what will daniel finally say? find out in part 2!

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