Goggle Bird 2


Stawdina Example

Basic Version Strawdina

The Angry Birds Sat enjoying a view, When They Heard zapping and buzzing. Colors lit up the sky, then stopped. the birds stayed on gaurd, ready to strike any pig.rustles came from the grass. But all they saw were red feathers, Red bird Feathers. they stayed on gaurd, any fool would let their gaurd down. out of the grass popped a little red bird with goggles on his head. Coco looked at the chick, then back at his mate, Strawdina, (she looks like a male Red bird, but she has a pink tummy, therefore she is a female.) She Knew What That Meant. she hopped over, and brought her rediscovered son back to her nest.

Tyler calls Daniel Yogurt. Why? find out in Daniel and Tyler part 1. (I accually think that Yogurt is a nice name.)