Goggle Bird 2

what you may not know

here is how Daniel came to the wiki, and how in the world his creator came up with his Goggles


  1. a boy named Daniel (ironic how they both have the same name) was playing Angry Birds Seasons on his Computer for the first time in his life. he enjoyed Ham 'o' ween, and formed a story in his mind. as it progressed, Daniel took his OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) story and twisted his character, Daniel E. Johnson. he even broke up his favorite Island to make the story! he changed things, and Sorna's Island felt essentiall, so he incorporated that island in
  2. as he thought of his new Character, he came up with Goggles, that contribute to his Abilities. he also added characters from a short Angry Birds story, and made them talk, gave them life, but Daniel saw there was no other Villian besides the Hideously DUMB King Pigram. so he took a Spitter Bomb Bird named Fireworks Dave, and turned him evil, he also made another more EVIL villian, who was similar to Alvin the Treacherous, from the How to Train your Dragon Series, named Alvin Evan Silvisky.
  3. as time progressed, he saw he could Create a wiki to make his Character blossom like a Spring flower, and his other Characters did the same.
  4. Daniel met Tyler on Angry birds wiki, and Daniel got NEW ideas, even making Tyler (the Bird) Daniel's Best Friend.
  5. Daniel began coming up with Bird Emeralds, high-power gems that gave Daniel's Goggles Power

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