but it was here!

Uncle Jack and Tyler hopped to where Daniel's house was SUPPOSED to be, only to find a concrete platform and a sign that said "The former Johnson Residence - burned by unknown fire. Survivors: 11 of 11". Uncle Jack looked around for a clue of where Daniel's NEW house would be. Tyler noticed that in Daniel's secret code, it had another line which said "The NEW Johnson Residence is that way > > >". Tyler followed road signs, which Daniel code had recently been written on, and Uncle Jack followed. they ended up at a HUGE Mansion, and sure Enough, "JOHNSON RESIDENCE" was right next to the door, on a gold plate. Tyler rang the doorbell, which was the first notes of "Where is Love?" from "OLIVER!", a nice touch. Ryan opened that door, and the instant he saw Uncle Jack, screamed and shut it. Daniel opened the door a little and peeked out. "are they usually this scared?" Uncle jack asked. "well Daniel's been frightened easily lately, nobody knows why, and Ryan is just plain scared of you." Tyler said. Ryan threw a note out the door. "If Uncle Jack is here, we're not coming out." it read. Tyler made a signal for Daniel to come out. Daniel made a tiny nod to Ryan and they both slowly came outside. They came out and stood on on of the steps, their eyes seeming to point out the mix between fear, and a slight anger at the lives that were lost. "Daniel, i am sorry for what i have done to hurt you, and make you mad, Ryan, I am sorry for how I treated you when you worked for me and how I tried to eat Autumn, and i ask your forgiveness." "Sounds kinda messed up," Ryan thought to himself. "They have shredded real tears of true greaf and sadness and losses of birds they held close to them," Ryan continued. "Because of you, hundreds of innocent birds have had to suffer true sorrow for your stinginess." "what makes me mad is you have made wives widows and Husbands Widowers," Daniel said. innocent birds, and what will you say to them?" Daniel said, "You're disgrace to birdkind, and if you think i'm angry, what do you think YOUR PARENTS think?". and with that, Daniel went inside. Ryan peeked his head back out. "Or did you eat them too?" he said.

more soon

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