Chapter 4: New Mind 

One morning, Strawben went down to his lab, and Daniel tried to follow, but the door was locked. He had seen Strawben type in the passcode before. He typed it in while sitting on a pile of books. he went down to the lab, but Strawben wasn't there. "Dada?" Daniel asked. he wandered through  the lab, and saw a gargoyle statue. he screamed and backed up, right into a table. a potion fell into some machine, and the machine zapped him. tons of history stories, Science experiments, math answers, and other factual information  were zapped into his head, he could even talk instead of just saying names. "whoa... why do i feel so... factual?" Daniel said, still babyishly, but impressive due to the word "factual", because no offense to them, but babies are dumb when it comes to words like factual. he went back upstairs, put the books away, and went into the kitchen, Where Strawdina was cooking. She noticed him hopping. "already???" she said. Daniel found it hard not to talk. "Next thing i know, you'll be talking!" Daniel said something, forgetting not to. "yeahh.. wight!" he said. Strawdina looked at him. "Did you just talk?!" she said, shocked. "No! i mean AGOO! " Daniel said. "YOU TALKED AGAIN!" Strawdina gasped. she ran over and hugged him. "that is so cool! you can already talk!" She laughed.  Daniel saw Ryan looking sad.

Chapter 5: Where is Ryan?

Daniel stayed with Strawdina, when he heard the lab door open, and another door close. Daniel hopped around, looking for Ryan. "Ryan? hello?? where are you?" Daniel said, trying to find him. Daniel instantly ran out of the house, Realising what Ryan had just done. "Ryan, wait!" Daniel shouted.  that night, Daniel wouldn't go to bed untill he found Ryan. he looked everywhere around the Village, and everyone else looked for him everywhere else, but nobody dared check the Dark Side of the Island, where Anybody who crosses is instantly stopped by attackers. it got very late.

"Come home, Daniel. it's late!" Strawdina said. but Daniel didn't budge. "i'm going to find him!" Daniel said, "He's the only friend i have and i'm not giving up!" Daniel fell asleep looking, and Strawdina put him in bed. Daniel woke up the next morning, and started crying when he saw that Ryan was still gone. Ryan was gone for a long time, 2 weeks to be exact. One day, Strawdina opened the door. "look who i found!" she said. She carried Ryan into the room. Daniel jumped out of his crib in excitement. Strawdina set Ryan down on the floor. "Why did you leave me?" Daniel asked, worried. Ryan tried to tell why, but now that Daniel was older, he could no longer understand chick language. Ryan looked at Strawdina. "I think he left because he was sad that you couldn't understand him anymore," she said. Daniel smiled. Don't worry, Ryan, you'll learn to talk soon! Ryan smiled and the two hugged. "Awww..." said Strawdina.

Chapter 6: Tyler

One night, Daniel and Ryan were sitting in their bed, jumping around or something. Suddenly Strawdina saw something in the Window "who Is she?" she asked "Oh, I better go help her!" Said Strawdina. She went out and saw Anne with Baby Tyler and two other eggs. Daniel overheard the conversation "Are you Ok!?" Asked Strawdina "No, You-Know-Who's back.. He destroyed my house and killed my Husband!" Said Anne "Oh, No! You can stay here for a while, and we'll help you build a house next to ours" Said Strawdina "That's a perfect idea!" Said Anne. Tyler slipped out of Anne's back, and entered the room "Oh, Ryan look another baby!" Said Daniel "baba? Owanch Bewd!" Said Ryan "Allo! woo you lahk to bee mah fwend?" Asked Tyler "Yay!" Said the three babies, and at that moment, the three babies felt a connection between them that couldn't be broken.

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