Daniel as a baby

Hello, Wikiers! here is the NEW version of "Daniel's Story", enjoy!

 Chapter 1: Birthday

Strawdina sat by the egg, with a bag of leftovers from the fancy restaurant. she had gotten a call from Alvin and Ally saying he was hatching, which he was. When the egg hatched, the little chick rolled out, as silent as a mute, it's eyes completely shut. "Is he alive?" Strawdina asked, terrified. Strawben tapped him, and the baby woke up with a start. Strawben was splattered with pasta sauce and mud from tripping into a puddle, which startled Daniel. The little guy ran across the room screaming and hid behind the TV. (this is why Daniel has Doomed Heart Disease, because a baby bird's, or at least a baby angry bird's, first heartbeat sets what it's heart will do). Strawdina pulled the TV away and picked him up. She looked right into his grey eyes, which she knew someday would be blue.

Chapter 2: Name?

"he looks so cute, what should we name him?"  Strawdina asked. "how about a Staw-name?" Strawben chuckled. "no, i like names other then those. how about a name from the bible? he looks like that kind of kid." Strawdina said. then a name flashed into her head. "how about Daniel? it's cute, biblical, and it fits him." she continued. Strawben agreed, but Alvin wanted it to be something cool. but Ally actually liked Daniel. "the chance of him getting a 'cool' name from you is as good as the chance mom will let you wear rocker makeup and have black feathers on the top of your head." Ally said, agreeing with mom and dad. now, this was when alvin was 6, and he gets these things when he's 16, old enough to get a job. Ally was 6 as well, they are Fraternal twins, who like VERY different things in the same category.  they named him Daniel, and for 1 year of Daniel's life, he was lonely with only his parents and Ally to keep him company. Alvin didn't really care about Daniel that much, and practically ignored him. but one day, After Strawben came home from a 2 week trip, they went to the beach and Daniel made a discovery that changed his life forever.

Chapter 3: Ryan

that day at the beach, Daniel was making a sand castle, rather unexpertly, when he found something golden in the sand. "Mhmh" Daniel called out. Strawdina came over. "OH MY WORD!" she said, "IT'S AN EGG, COVERED BY SAND!" she picked it up, and prayed that the baby in there was still alive.  a few days later, they were at the pool, and then the egg hatched. As soon as the chick popped out, Daniel and Ryan became best friends, and more than that, brothers! Daniel no longer felt lonely, because he had somebody else to talk to. their favorite thing to do was take Strawdina's  shawl and make a tent out of it. then they would tell each other stories of things in the book of bird legends that Strawdina read out to Strawben sometimes, because Strawben was trying to figure out what creatures they could be.

but little did they know Daniel would learn how to read younger than expected...

WHAT?! find out in part 2!

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