When Tyler Got there, he heard Daniel talking "Mighty, i need your Advice, Tyler wants to know my Secret." Daniel Said. "i wish i Could Tell him, he's Like The Brother i never Met untill now! do i Tell Him?" Tyler knew Daniel must have a Powerful Secret. "If he Wants to know, the he will come to me" Mighty Said. "and I will Tell him." Tyler Hid and watched Daniel leave. he saw a Rip in Daniel's Goggles. and Marks down his back from something Huge.Tyler Hopped into Mighty's den with a Can of Tuna. "Tyler, i know you heard Daniel and I's Conversation" Tyler Nodded. "and i know what you want, Daniel's Secret. it All began During Hamoween. Daniel had gone off into the forest, and he Hadn't seen a Dragon sneaking behind him, he didn't even Heat-Sense it! when Daniel had Finally stopped, he finally saw it. or more Specifically, Heard it. it slashed at his goggles but it's claw got stuck in the Rubber casing. it started growling and hissing, it managed to claw Daniel's Back. Daniel Was stuck in a DANGEROUS Position, luckily his goggles charged on the outside. the Dragon fell down, in pain. a rare dragon called the Polar-Serpent Noticed Daniel, Daniel was in such pain, he couldn't run, let alone move, without bleeding more severely than he was. Luckily, it fainted by the time it got to him. Daniel Picked up some thread and made a wood needle to stitch the claw mark. The Polar-Serpent spit a blue Liquid on Daniel, causing Daniel to change somewhat. and Daniel's Secret is Daniel has Dragonish Abilities Such as Glowing eyes and Flames"

The End!

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