Every year, Ryan writes a Birdday story for Daniel on this page. Enjoy!


On May 25, Daniel woke up, super-excited. Today was his Birdday! He put on his hat and goggles and ran downstairs. Strawdina was there, waiting for him. "Happy Birthday, Daniel!" she said. "Tyler left a note on the table." Daniel hopped over to the table and read it. It said: Don't bother eating breakfast, follow what these notes say, and you'll find something better! -Tyler

"That's cute," Daniel thought. "They set up a little scavenger hunt,". He then realized Ryan was not downstairs. He hopped up stairs and found him reading a book in his room. "Oh, hey, Daniel." said Ryan, not even wishing him a Happy Birdday. Daniel tried to hide his disappointment. "I'm following these notes from Tyler," Daniel said. "Wanna come?" For some reason, that made Ryan hop out of bed suddenly. "Oh, sure, LET'S GO!" he said as he hopped down the stairs and out the door. Daniel followed. Ryan turned. "Come ON!" he said. But he wasn't looking where he was going and crashed into Kashy's door. Daniel knocked. No one was home, but there was a note on the door. It said: Hopefully Ryan has lead you here, so go exactly one more block and knock on the first door. -Tyler

Daniel dragged an "unconscious" Ryan down exactly one block, and realized that house was Tyler's house! He knocked on the door. "Come IN!" he heard Tyler say. Daniel opened the door, and Ryan suddenly sprang to life. He jumped into the house, and joined in with all of Daniel's friends saying, "HAPPPY BIRDDAY!" Ryan had known all along! Daniel had a really happy birdday, and spent a great time with his friends.



One morning Daniel was watching the eggs. It was his BIRDDAY, yet no one else had voulunteered for the job, so he had to take the job. It wasn't that Daniel thought he should be spoiled on his Birdday, but atleast not be alone! He was sure his friends would've done it for him, but they were all supposedly out and about. Suddenly there was a rustle from behind him. Alarmed, Daniel quickly turned around. No one was there. Still suspicous, Daniel slowly turned back around. He had the feeling he was being watched.

Up above him was King Pigram and his minions in their helicopter. Coropal Pig was tieing a pig to a rope, connected to the helicopter. His mission was to drop down and grab the eggs when Daniel wasn't looking. "Okay, Mark," Pigram whispered. "just like we rehearsed, and- GO!" "My name is Fran-KIIIIIEEEE!!!!!" the pig screamed as he fell out the helicopter. "Ugh, so much for being quiet!" Pigram sighed. "This plan was a failure." They pulled the rope back up. The pig wasn't there. The King and Coropal Pig made a face. "That doesn't look good."

Daniel was bored, but atleast he got to beat the tar out of a pig. That was always a good time. He then sat back down by the eggs and sighed. He heard another rustle behind the bushes. "Alright, pig," Daniel said. "Wherever you are, show yourself!" "SURPRISE!" Ryan, R2, Tyler, Lewis, Kashy, Evan and all of Daniel's friends hopped out. Ryan hopped over to Daniel and turned to all their friends. "And now, to celebrate all of his hard work over the years, three cheers for Daniel!" Ryan shouted. "Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!" the birds cheered. "Oh, you guys!" Daniel laughed. "I should've known!" "Come on!" Tyler said. "Birdday cake's at my house!" "Woohoo!" everyone cheered, hopping after Tyler.

Happy Birdday bud, you've sure been an insperation to me! I can't believe it's been a year already! And here's to another here on Angry Birds Story Wiki! :D


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