Daniel woke up. "Ryan?" he called. Suddenly, he saw something rush past him. "W-what was that?" he chased after it. When he got to the Birdhouse, he saw Tyler and Ryan were there. "Listen up, gang," he told them, "we have an adventure." "What kind?" asked Tyler. "Yeah, is it scary?" asked Ryan. "Well, I don't know, guys," said Daniel, "but it'll certainly be fun."
Daniel fell asleep. Tyler fell asleep. Ryan fell asleep. The blur rushed past again. It seemed to whistle. Ryan suddenly woke up. The blur hid. "Well, we ARE the island council," suggested Daniel, "we could arrange a meeting. At 3:30 PM sharp."
At the meeting, Ryan fell asleep YET AGAIN. He seemed to be tired. "What?" he said, just before dozing off.
Well, then, the blur came storming in. "Hello, I'm Samuel the Blue Bird!" he exclaimed. "Bye!"

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