"You wanna know who i am? I am kindness, I am bravery, and I am curiousity merged into one bird. i am not perfect, but at least I get the job done."

-Daniel describing himself

Daniel is described as a young boy who is kindhearted and brave, but not perfect. Except when angered, Daniel is pretty much nice towards everyone but the pigs.


  • Lightsaber Attack
  • Force
  • Build

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Daniel Eric Redmond
  • Nickname: Daniel, Red, Ready (sometimes Written Reddy), Yogurt (Only by Tyler)
  • Affiliations: The Gang, some Pigs such as Phil, Carl, Fred, Harvy, and Pigroni
  • Known Aliases: King Pigram's Nightmare, (No Game or Story) Tatooine Shredder,(Angry Rebels 2)
  • Personality: Kind, Inventive, Brave.
  • Languages: Sleuthwing, Birdish, English, Astromech, Nameless.


"oh snaps!" (when he is surprised or scared, possibly his catchphrase)

"hellosy, this is Red & Ready!" (Answering phone)

"Humans! think they own EVERYTHING" (when in real world)

"Sleuthwings, Cooma tios me" (speaking Sleuthwingese to attract Sleuthwings to the Big Brother Bird)

"Visoyse!" (Sword attack Scream)

"Daniel E Johnson, Technician, Ship and Sky Fort captain, and Founder of Daniel Labs Inc." (Introducing himself)

"JUMPING FISH-BIRDS!" (terrified cry)

"HAPPYEXPLOSION!" (Happy Catchphrase)

"Any Bacon satisfies me... as long as it's not burned or underdone" (when ordering Breakfast)

"there's always a way" (Encouraging someone)

"I don't give up on my Friends, and i never will" (line from Episode 45, "Troubled Friends")

"Dave, i may look small, but i'm big on the Inside!" (line from Episode 10, "Fireworks Dave Returns")

"Rye, RUN!" (line from Daniel Enemy Flash 2: Part 4)

"Not this Time, you Villain!" (In fight)

"you have no idea who your Dealing with!"(Cliffhanger for "Secrets of the Skrull-Birds Part 1")

"that's classified, you know that, right?" (from Episode 123, "a Goggle Bird's Mistake")

"Oh, OH! OH I LOVE THESE KIND OF HATS!" (from Episode 1 of season 3, "The New Daniel")


  • Daniel is based on the Lego minifig Daniel Redmond, with the same backstories. this is because Rovio paid LEGO to let them use the Four Friends, and the Gang, along with the other characters, for a Bird series.
  • Daniel can get Arrogant at times, and he admits this fault.
  • Many birds used to think Daniel could move things without touching them, because at an early age, he could use the force, but then forgot it.
  • Daniel is secretly suspecting there are traitors in the gang, birds who work for pigs.
  • in a promo for season 5 of "Angry Birds: The Show", Daniel's hat is seen on the cave floor, Forbadence is next to it, and Ryan is looking at a Wet hop-print, probably returning to where the beginning of Episode 1 of season 1 left off, what happened to Daniel after he was attacked by whatever that shadow was.
  • Daniel is, whenever something seems dangerous, Daniel mutters a weirdand nameless language spoken by many species of Outlandish Birds and Pigs.