Danbot 3000

Danbot 300. is a robot which wasbelieved to have been built by Daniel's rogue test robirds, but was Deactivated when Daniel and Ryan ambushed him with big water cannons. he is revealed to be The Inventor's first ever Robot. he is a foot tall (8 bird ft).


  • Cornoli Converger: Power thruster
  • Super computer: Brain
  • Ryan's pet Rat-Bird, Winky: Heart
  • Daniel's Giant Vacuum bot: Esoughagus/ Stomach
  • Stick-on Cameras: Eyes
  • Gerald's sunglasses' lense:Cockpit Windsheild
  • Tri-gun Swivel ray: Tail
  • Jumper Pads: Moving Mechanism
  • Gerald's pair of goggles: Goggles
  • Ryan's extra Laser visors: Laserbeam blasters
  • Jetpack: Flying Mechanism

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