A Creeperbird is a species of bird. They are red birds colored green. They have beaks twisted to a sad expression, empty eye sockets and gray dots all over their skin. Creeperbirds have the ability to explode like Black Birds. They will attempt to hop toward the nearest bird; they will see through opaque blocks, navigate through mazes and jump over obstacles of enough height to reach the nearest bird. The best way to defeat one is to use a bow and arrows. They have 20 points of health. They will pop up during night but will not vanish during the day. They are aggressive birds. Snowballs will not damage this species of birds like other birds except Blaze-birds. Like all other birds, they only receive knockback from snowballs. Creeperbirds will only explode one meter away from a normal bird and will not be aggressive to aggressive species of birds and other Creeperbirds unless one or more attack them. Until another aggressive bird or a Creeperbird or more of them attack a Creeperbird, the target Creeperbird will not be aggressive to them. They will still be able to live after exploding. Creeperbirds, when hit by lightning, get bigger explosions and blue power around them. Creeperbirds are said to be "Charged" Creeperbirds when they have power around them. One getting hit by lightning is rare. They cannot see through glass, oddly. They do not follow signs and do not see the text on them. Creeperbirds are said to be jealous of explosives with explosions bigger than its own, the Creeperbird explosion being 2.5 meters big.

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