Corporal Pig 2

Corporal Pig


Toon Corporal Pig

Corporal Pig is the leader of King Pigram's army. He is a minor character who will feature in upcoming stories.


Uptight, Rude, Confident and Practical, Corporal Pig is a headstrong pig. He is dimwitted and usually over complicates things. Corporal Pig likes to do things the old fashoned way, but will welcome technology if it will help his cause.


  • Corporal Pig lead the attack on Redrick, but did not organise it.
  • He has a rivalship with Tyler and Kashy
  • He once tried to use a tank to attack the birds, but didn't know how to use it and accidentally blew himself up.
  • Corporal Pig NEVER washes his helmet.

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