Strawdina sat there, wondering how Daniel was doing. Ernie looked up from what he was doing in confusion.
Tron Goggle Bird


whirring came from inside Felicity, a robotic bird stepped out. it was Blue and Black, the outline was blue and the metal inside it was black, th outline glowed in it's own. the Eyebrow, the Tail, his Markings, and His Pupils were also blue. he Whirred again then hopped over. "Tronbot 3000 at your Service" It said Strawdina poked it. it Laughed in Daniel's Voice "Hey! That Tickles!" Ernie Stared. "Daniel must have built him." Ernie said. Strawdina became Curious. "We'll Test it in the morning" Strawdina Declared,

What Does the Robot DO?

Find out in Part 4

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