Personal Data

  • Full Name: Clover C. Green
  • Nickname: Parabeak (all the parts of the Gang)
  • Affiliation: The Gang, some pigs like Phil, Harvy, Pigroni, Fred and Carl.
  • Known Aliases: Boomeraspike Bird, Emerald, Beak Fury, Diamond Defender (when in Diamond Defender form)


  • Clover has a long beak.
  • Clover's favorite colors are green, white, orange and most UNlikely black.
  • Clover's life is edited by a mysterious bird to make his life go longer.
  • Clover is 15 years old.
  • Clover is only known to die in the age of 1430 unlike other birds just by the mysterious bird who edited his life.
  • Clover made Feather Style.
  • Clover's favorite movie is Free Birds, and it's his favorite movie IRL too. It's hilarious theme makes him laugh out loud.


  • He invented Clovbot 3000, a robot that was used to defeat Void. It hasn't have much of a use other than combat right now, and is already improving it.
  • He invented an Awesome Potion that made him excessively awesome, he almost broke the house. Now it's in his classified lab. He might be able to use it in the future...
  • He invented a hotdog launcher that is powered by batteries. He actually made it for Cuddles, but now that he left Angry Bird Island, he invented a hotdog cannon with a longer range.
  • He invented a hotdog cannon as said above.
  • He invented his house and keeps his lab secret under it. He doesn't have a hatch, he doesn't have stairs, he doesn't have an elevator to go downstairs, he just flicks an old set of punchers to transform his house into his lab by disintegrating the floor and pushing his lab up. He doesn't remember how he did it though. (the old set of punchers part is a reference to his favorite movie IRL)
  • He invented his really high-tech lab that doesn't have a ceiling or walls, just the floor and only a small invisible really thin and intangible wall holding his tools. To get the lab hidden again, all he has to do is flick the old set of punchers back, then anyone in the lab will be capsuled in floating capsules temporarily, the lab gets down again and the floor returns. Then the capsule floors open and the capsules disappear completely afterwards.
  • He invented his really high-tech TV that can detect if anyone's on the double-decker sofa, then it automatically opens, and when no one's on the sofa, it automatically closes. It could also stop time, but with everyone functioning, while off so that Clover can complete a whole show even if he repetitively leaves and gets on the sofa. (the double-decker sofa is a reference to the LEGO Movie).


Clover is a new part of the gang. He is nice and intelligent, and likes four-leaf clovers. His favorite seasons are St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day because they are both "green" like him.

What he says

  • "The amount of users in this wiki is 13,031,977."
  • "The amount of admins in this wiki is 24."
  • "Oh, I remember you, (your name)! You were the one that (what he thinks about you)!"
  • "The amount of articles in this wiki is 896."
  • "The amount of pages in this wiki is 12,756."

Diamond Defender

Diamond Defender is a special form of Clover. In this state, he is slightly bigger than his own self, has a turquoise aura, and is noticeably stronger and more resistant than his normal self. He can make things bigger in the inside and create light blue, hard and not-so-fragile pillars to defend himself. In this state he has a blue and unexpected tounge and can jump higher than the lightest rock thrown up in the strongest force and strength achievable by a bird (in the troposphere, while DD can jump into space and push himself downward to land). He can breathe in space.  He is immune to burning, extreme heat, freezing and extreme cold in this form.
Diamond Defender

Diamond Defender has a robe that has temperatures over 5000 degrees Celsius.

Clover the Boomerang Bird
Boomerang Bird
General Info
Powers Going backward
First Level Appearance: 6-4 as NPC, 6-5 playable
First Story Appearance: None yet.
Gender: Male
Species: Toucanet
Strength: Medium
Birth Date: {{{birth date}}}

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