Clovbot 3000 is a robot that Clover invented. Clovbot 3000 has a dispenser inside its beak. The dispenser launches electrified batteries. Clovbot 3000 does not need batteries to function; it needs copper. Clovbot 3000 is made of steel, metal and iron. Clovbot 3000 apparently uses springs to make the dispenser function. The robot uses wheels to slide, springs to hop, jet engines to do a quick slide, jet engines and strings to do a high-jump and jet engines and strings to run. It can, apparently, eat. The food it eats is directed into the dispenser, and the food is sent to the chest stomach through a pipe that the batteries pass through. Clovbot seems to be indestructible even if using the biggest explosion. Clovbot also seems to be able to make portals using particles and a "Dimension-Hopper Star". Clovbot does not use fuel for any of its engines; it also uses the copper. The copper remains not drained as the robot functions. Clover does not need to mine for more copper to make it function; Clover has an infinite supply of copper. It can also use iron, metal, steel and chocolate to function. Clovbot apparently has a main sense: a Cloveranian Sense. In this sense, it can sense EVERYTHING; including what Clover is sensing in the present.

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