Calvin Wheeler is evan's old buissniss rival and old owner of  the "Wheeler Robotics Company". his company was shut down when his robots went evil. he blamed this all on evan and created a suit (it hides his identity no doubt) that can make him time travel. his first apperance is  Evan's Past: REVERSED, with the suit he dubs himself as The Master of Time.  


calvin has dark brown hair, styled like luke skywalker. in his master of time suit, he wears a ski mask, he has a gas mask and a jetpack over it, and a knife.  


General Info
Powers Time Manipulation, Speed, Teleportation.
First Level Appearance: No Apperance
First Story Appearance: Evan's Past: REVERSED!
Gender: Male
Species: Red Bird
Strength: High
Birth Date: June 05, 1998

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