"I might be a dark color on the outside, but I'm good with a bright light on the inside, I will not lose this battle and I will not back down until the Flock recover,".

- Brocco describes his character and determination to King Pigram.


Brocco is a dark stealth bird. The birds had a bad impression at first because of his brownish feathers, but later became a famous bird in the flock and started to have a main role, as he was added into the original flock. He started to be Flamro's best friend recently and wants to be like him. He is the fifth oldest in the flock, along with his twin-brother, Light Master. He has, oddly, mixed up feelings for Light Master, as most of the time he hates him, but he can love him as a brother normally does. His mother, Carer, always wants them to get along well, which is a hard task for him. They're always challenging each other to speed races, always drawing because of cheating using their powers, which is quite rough on the other birds on the special racing occasions. His powers are to produce a shockwave, throw knives (only if threatened) and using his mind to create a black hole that, once something goes through, lands on the other side of the island. If it's a bird or pig that goes through, there's a side effect of stinky breath.


Powers: Producing a shockwave, throwing knives and creating a black hole with his mind to suck objects up.

First level appearance: 6-7

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Male

Species: Dark Stealth Bird (Made up species) | Dusky Thrush (actual species)

Strength: Medium-Strong

Birth Date: June/July (12:00) 30th, 2000

Size: Medium

Occupation: Angry Bird Original | Main Character

Brocco likes: Winning, going to the pub, being at centre of attention and eating veggies especially brocco-li

Brocco loathes: Thunder, the dark and losing.


Affliations: Ninja Dojo, The Flock, The Flock in space, The Original Flock.

Nickname: Little Killer.

Known Aliases: Mr. Streamlined for Speed.

Family: Carer (mother), Light Master (twin brother), Uncle Astro (uncle).

Birdsonality: Sharp Eyed, Fast, Deadly, Grimacing.

Languages: Illness (inherited from Carer), Japanese, English, Birdwise.


  • He has a sharp beak and a slim, cone shaped body, making him a perfect drill.
  • He's the same speed as Light Master in the game and stories.
  • He wants to perfect all the time but doesn't mind losing, the opposite with Flamro.

How to draw Brocco:

1. Draw the design of Chuck but do not draw the beak yet.

2. Draw 2 thick lines emerging from the eyes and color them grey. Make them an "L" shape.

3. Draw the beak and color it yellow.

4. Color the feathers, eyebrows and eyes black.

5. Color the rest of the the body except the belly brown.

Rage Rating: 4/5

- By Blazefire(R)

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