Angry blue


Blueberry is a blue bird. he is a Redmond. just like his brother Bluetop and sister Blueberta, he likes to play tricks on Daniel and Ryan. one of his favorite things to do is dress Daniel up in random costumes when Daniel is sleeping.

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Blueberry "Splitz" Redmond
  • Nickname: Costume Freak (Daniel) Blitzen (Ryan)
  • Allies: All except bad pigs
  • Foes: Unknown, Possibly none unusual
  • Known Aliases: Unknown, possibly none


"BLITZEN!!!" (Frightened Cry, German)

"Blues and Clues here! what clues do you need today?" (Answering phone)


"I ain't afraid to go Boast!" (Line from episode 45, "Troubled Friends")

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