Blue Sleuthwing in air

Biological Classification 2

Biological classification of a Blue Sleuthwing

Unlike it's cousin's, this Dragon uses It's Fire for more than just lighting a candle, Powering a Hot Air Balloon, or lighting your Fireplace, it uses it's Fiery Breath to Melt ice and Dive under. like a Polar Serpent, it has a deadly sting. but this sting can't kill you, it can only make you fall asleep. it's sting is used as a sleeping drink, and a Feather Elikser. they are usually seen flying in the Icy Lands of Chiller's island


  • Colors: as Blue as the sky above you
  • Poison: Yes, but it can't kill you
  • Radar: Yes
  • Hunting Ability: silent and Deadly
  • Fight: Powerful
  • Fear: it's as scary as a Sea Monster Chasing you

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