The DeLorean

Daniel, Tyler, and Ryan where Exploring, when Something Blinked a Flash of light at them. Ryan screamed and hid behind Daniel, but Daniel and Tyler wheren't afraid, they where EXCITED. for standing before them was... A CAR! Daniel Picked Ryan up and put him to the side, then started cleaning it up. he grabbed Tyler and used him like a Scissor by holding him and using his sharp beak to cut the vines off. Then he picked up Ryan and mopped the dirt of the car using Ryan's hair. Daniel hopped onto the top of the car. he saw something coming from the Trunk. Daniel knew what kind of Car he was on, it was obviously a DeLorean. he thought of that COOL car in Back to the Future. and how it Time Travelled. he wanted that car. then he looked down. Then his eyes pinned. he knew that was dream had come true.. at this Moment... for what was Daniel sitting on? THE BACK TO THE FUTURE DELOREAN! "Tyler, Ryan, get in the car!" Daniel said. Tyler opened the Door and Hopped in. Ryan was scared, but hopped in after Tyler. Daniel hopped off the Roof and in. he started it.he pressed a Button, the Door Shut. Daniel hopped onto the Gas Pedal. the car pulled Forward. Tyler Steered, well Somewhat. "Here, I'll do it," said Ryan, taking the wheel. After several crashes, they Stopped at the Village. Other Birds jumped in. Daniel hopped off the Roof and in. he started it.he pressed a Button, the Door Shut. Daniel typed in a Code, he told Edna to Jump on it, and Blacky to wait for the Signal. Daniel told Ernie to pull the T-shaped Lever down. He did. a Light Thing Blinked. They Disapeared into wormhole. Next thing they Knew, Daniel yelled "Stop!!" they Stopped the Car. Everyone looked out the Window to see. Daniel was Staring back at them, Older. but not their Daniel, a Different.

What happens next? Find out in part 2!

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